Apple requiring the HTTP live stream protocol for iPhone apps

Amidst all of Apple's recent app non-rejections and changes to allow APIs that were private, it was announced earlier this week that the company is now requiring developers of apps that implement live streaming video to use the HTTP Live Stream protocol.

The HTTP Live Stream protocol uses web standards to implement video, and also allows for use of iPhone-friendly formats like H.264 encoded streams for QuickTime (supported on the iPhone since iPhone OS 3.0).

This change also requires developers to create a minimum stream of video no larger than 64kbps, for use with slower connections.

It's still not known if this will have any impact on AT&T's position on streaming video over a 3G connection, but developers are still trying to find ways to work around Apple's restrictions. One example is the EyeTV update that was released earlier today, which works via Mobile Safari to stream video over a 3G connection.