Plugless Power gearing up for production of its hands-free EV charging stations

Unless your electric vehicles tend to strictly circle your home base, you're going to need to charge up on-the-go -- and until some sort of standard gets worked out, we're likely to see the "EV filling station" approached on many different angles. In the last six months alone we've seen 'em pop up in a New York alleyway and a North Carolina McDonald's, and Better Place has tested one of its novel battery switching stations in Tokyo -- with more on the horizon. Eager to get in on the game, Plugless Power (whose parent company, MTC Transformers, has been working with similar tech for the grid for years now) looks like its finally ready to commercialize its own hands-free (and plug-free) proximity charging system. With any luck, environmentally conscious commuters will be juicin' up in their garages by the end of next year. And who knows? Maybe this sort of thing will be available at Sparky's Fill'R'Up on the PA Turnpike at some point in the near future. PR after the break.

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Plugless Power(TM) Advances Toward Production Readiness with Syncroness

Industrial Design Firm to Develop Plan for Product Commercialization

WYTHEVILLE, Va., Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Evatran, LLC, a clean technology company producing innovative charging solutions for electric vehicles and extended-range hybrids, announced today that it has contracted with Syncroness, a product development and design consultancy, to facilitate the commercialization of Plugless Power(TM), the world's first "hands-free" proximity charging system for electric vehicles. The dual-component system utilizing inductive charging offers EV drivers a convenient, universal and reliable way to charge their vehicles.

"We are impressed with Syncroness' portfolio, which includes designing and managing the complete development-to-production process for a range of successful consumer products," says Rebecca Hough, director of sales and marketing for Evatran. "We also anticipate leveraging Syncroness' expertise to help us comply with third-party approvals and standards."

The initial phase of the project contract between Evatran and Syncroness involves a three-week session to produce a nine-month plan to bring Plugless Power up to full production ability by 4Q 2010. "We are pleased to be working with Evatran's highly experienced engineering team," said Jorg Lorscheider, chief marketing officer of Syncroness. "Recognizing the potential of Plugless Power, we are honored to be playing a pivotal role in defining this product's long-term strategy."

Evatran anticipates a production-ready model of Plugless Power(TM) will be available to drivers by Fall 2010. For more on Evatran, visit

About Evatran

Evatran is the manufacturer of Plugless Power(TM), the world's first "hands-free" charging system for electric vehicles. Utilizing a unique dual-component system based on inductive technology, Evatran's Plugless Power(TM) will streamline the process of charging electric vehicles and extended-range hybrids by eliminating the nuisance of the cord and the plug. The result is an electric-vehicle charging system that is convenient, universal and reliable. Evatran's customers are manufacturers, dealers, corporations, municipalities, utilities, residential developers, retailers, small businesses and drivers of electric or extended-range hybrid vehicles.

About Syncroness

Syncroness, Inc. is a leader in strategic, outsourced engineering and industrial design for new product innovation. Based in Westminster, Colorado and Laguna Niguel, CA, Syncroness was recently rated as one of 500 fastest-growing technology companies in the US (Deloitte.) With a staff of 50 engineers and over 30 years of project experience, Syncroness develops successful products in medical, aerospace, scientific, transportation, security, consumer and industrial markets. For more on Syncroness, visit