Wii Fit found to have 'little effect' on family fitness level, boredom seems to be the main culprit

In a new study conducted by Scott Owens out of the University of Mississippi, the Wii Fit was loaned to eight families and the usage and fitness impact was tracked over time -- three months before they got the Wii, and three months after. The verdict? "No significant changes" in family fitness from the Wii. Interestingly, over the period of three months the daily Wii Fit usage declined a staggering 82 percent, from 22 minutes a day for the first half of the time all the way down to an average of four minutes a day for the last six weeks. The biggest winners here were the children, who did display some "significant" increases in the specific area of aerobic fitness, but we get the feeling that with a bit more stick-to-itiveness the whole family might've been able to raise its game here. Or maybe Nintendo could invest in making some more motion-controlled games that don't become repetitive and shallow after two playthroughs.