Crapgadget master class: USB portable media speaker with webcam

As every seasoned holiday shopper can attest, the week leading up to Christmas is critical. We've all been there: lack of sleep and proper nutrients leads to errors in judgment, collateral damage, and most heinous of all: crapgadgets. How can you be sure that the media dock that you purchased for a loved one is the real deal? Well, you could peruse our Holiday Gift Guide selection of docks and alarm clocks, for starters. But if you're in a crunch, ask yourself the following questions: Is the speaker set manufactured by the Kaiser Transmission Parts Company of Taipei? Does it feature a mind-numbing array of features? (The above example includes SD card support, a 5 megapixel webcam, and support for external storage via USB.) Does the black and orange color combination make you dizzy? And, the most telling: Does the product literature boast support for the Meizu M8? If so, then yes, you probably have a crapgadget. If you're undaunted -- and you have $53.99 to burn -- hit the source link. Or get a closer look after the break.