Leica X1 review digs deep, can't find value

The Leica X1 is a lovely little camera and, as we've seen, it can take some stunning shots. Now it's been given a full examination in a review big enough to match the thing's decidedly over-sized asking price of $2,000. Over 28 pages dpreview attempts to verify that this machine has the performance to match that MSRP, and the news is not particularly good. The Leica does well enough, particularly when it comes to delivering high-quality images even at high ISO settings -- a major stumbling block for most compacts -- but it didn't deliver performance that significantly trumps the Panasonic GF1, which costs less than half as much and has the added bonus of capturing HD video. Value proposition? Hardly, but a solid performer if your disposable income and aesthetic needs greatly outweigh your common sense.