Psystar shuts down

After Apple's sweeping permanent injunction, Psystar has officially ceased operations. The company's CEO Rudy Pedraza told the Dow Jones Newswire last night that he is "shutting things down immediately." The company has also released its eight employees, and shuttered its website last night.

The actions came after Apple's permanent injunction against Psystar earlier this week, which gave Psystar until December 31st to stop selling its Mac clones. The clones violated Apple's End User License Agreement for Mac OS X, which expressly forbids use of the operating system on non-Apple hardware.

This also marks the end of Psystar's Rebel EFI software, which had been Psystar's only viable product since early December. Many Psystar watchers doubted if Psystar would continue to sell it.

Psystar first started selling its computers in April 2008, and Apple filed a lawsuit soon after in July 2008. The company was granted a motion against Psystar to stop selling its computers, preinstalled with Mac OS X, by Judge William Alsup in November. Psystar paid Apple a $2.7 million settlement earlier this month, which included $1,337,500 in copyright infringement damages.


Update: The Psystar website appears to be back online at the moment, but isn't currently selling any Mac clones or any licenses to Rebel EFI, but Rebel EFI is listed as "Out of Stock."