First shots of Samsung's NX10 'hybrid' DSLR surface

This one's been the subject of rumors for months now, but it looks like Samsung's NX10 "hybrid" DSLR (not to be confused with Samsung's NX-10 desktop PC) has finally shown itself -- assuming these shots are indeed the real thing, that is. That "hybrid" bit comes from the fact that this one fits in somewhere between a DSLR and a Micro Four Thirds camera, but there's unfortunately little else known about it apart from what you can see on the camera itself. It will apparently come bundled with an 18-55 mm lens, however, and it'll apparently be able to shoot up to 7 frames per second. Hit up the link below for a few more pics to get a better idea of its size.

Update: Here's the official line on the NX10 from Samsung:

This information was not supplied by Samsung and does not represent an official announcement of the NX10. Final technical specifications and details regarding the camera system will be made available by authorized Samsung representatives at a later date, with the official launch of the product.