iPhone and Vodafone UK set the date: January 14

Vodafone has decided if it can't give us the iPhone for the holidays, it'll do the next best thing and spill details of its launch and pricing of Apple's finest. Available from January 14, the iPhone will be yours for £30 ($48) per month on two-year contracts, though up-front charges will set you back £239 ($386) for the 32GB 3GS variety. A monthly 1GB of 3G data is permitted, alongside unlimited WiFi, but what might be most interesting here is that Vodafone will allow you to use the iPhone as a modem. Such use will not be covered by your allowance of course, and will cost £5 ($8) for each 500MB downloaded, but we're happy to see a carrier offering the option. Furthermore, though Vodafone's agreement to carry the iPhone seemed a rushed defensive move, the company now claims it has been preparing its network for over a year to handle the increased traffic it expects.