FCC commish says Verizon's ETF response is 'unsatisfying and, in some cases, troubling'

A member of the FCC's five-person commission, Mignon Clyburn, has sent out a letter today in response to Verizon's earlier reply regarding questions surrounding its gargantuan $350 early termination fee on so-called "advanced devices," and in brief, it looks like this issue is far from tied off. Her choicest quote is that she found Verizon's answers "unsatisfying and, in some cases, troubling," noting that customers are already paying "high" monthly fees and suggesting that the public interest isn't being served when someone gets slammed with a three-digit cancellation charge mid-contract. She also straight-up calls the company out on its claim that customers aren't being inadvertently charged when the press the web button on their phone without an appropriate plan, saying that "press reports and consumer complaints strongly suggest otherwise." Commissioner Clyburn's conclusion? "I look forward to exploring this issue in greater depth with my colleagues in the New Year." Dum dum dummmmm. Follow the break for the full text of the letter.

[Thanks, Daniel P.]