Yamaha YHT-S400 sound system packs ultraslim soundbar, sub-infused receiver

We're always leery of "world's first" claims, but we've definitely never seen an AV receiver with a ginormous port on the front. The unorthodox device you're inevitably peering at above is one part of the two-piece YHT-S400, which looks to provide cinema-like sound in areas where space is hard to come by. The 31.5-inch long soundbar measures just 2-inches high and is designed to fit in front of most 32- to 50-inch HDTVs without blocking the screen, while the accompanying "first-of-its-kind subwoofer-integrated receiver" provides the power, the bass and the connectivity. A trio of HDMI inputs are included, and HD audio signals from Blu-ray Discs are accepted via linear PCM transmission. It's up for grabs now at $599.95, and if you're hoping to add iPod or Bluetooth support, Yamaha's YDS-11 and YBA-10 adapters are fully compatible.