Cave Story coming 'after the new year' with new difficulty modes

Cave Story, first announced in October 2008 for release that same year, has missed 2009. In a blog post, Nicalis confirmed that the remake of the brilliant freeware title won't be available until "after the new year." The last we'd heard, it had been submitted to Nintendo for approval in November, so it's likely that the holdup is with the platform holder.

In more positive news, Nicalis also revealed what the deal was with the alternate-color Quote sprite that it's been teasing on its Twitter account: it's the outfit the player character wears in the new Easy mode, one of three difficulty modes. Hard Mode, which gives you only 3HP and no missiles, features Quote in blue with blonde hair. The developer also has "a LOT" of DLC planned, "AND we're taking possible requests." Finally, as a little stocking stuffer (or ear stuffer), Nicalis posted three remixed Cave Story tunes. Huzzah for the holidays!