The Mobile Mobile is a magnificent and melodious module of merriment

Faced with an agency-wide phone upgrade that left fifty older HTC devices homeless, UK-based Lost Boys International decided to act on instinct in the most natural of ways: by turning each device into a cog in a musical mobile that hangs just inside the entrance of its Brick Lane studio. Even better, all those phones are connected in a way that turns each one into a member of some crazy techno orchestra, the results of which can be seen after the break in an unbelievably fun rendition of a Christmas song you're bound to hear a dozen more times today. If that's not enough, you can also control it live, thanks to a webcam and a flash interface that accepts keyboard commands. LBi Creative Director James Théophane has the project chronicled if you want the full details, but more importantly, just make sure you experience the holiday choral after the break.