MSI teases Wind Top AP1920, Wind Box DE220 and DC500

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.25.09

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MSI teases Wind Top AP1920, Wind Box DE220 and DC500
There ain't much to go on just yet, but one thing's for certain: MSI will be unveiling a trio of new machines at CES in just a few weeks. Over on the Wind Top side, it'll be introducing the all-new AP1920 all-in-one PC, which will measure in at 35mm thick and sport an 18.5-inch display, Atom D510 or D410 CPU and a power-sipping attitude. The nettop lovers will be thrilled to know that a new duo of mini PCs will also get unwrapped, as the Wind Box DC500 and DE220 step in with Intel's newest Pine Trail processors and a whole slew of companion components that we're still waiting to hear more on. Hey, we told you it was just a tease.
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