Archos 5 says hello, goodbye to Android 1.6

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|12.28.09

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Archos 5 says hello, goodbye to Android 1.6
It would seem somebody over at Archos HQ was sipping a little too much of the Chardonnay over the holidays, as the company's latest firmware update for the 5-inch Internet Tablet has suffered something of a false start. Intended to bring the onboard Android up to the civilized ways of version 1.6 and to fix a few outstanding bugs, the update has been yanked due to the above "last-minute major issue." Mind you, when the non-toxic version does hit, you should still be wary -- it appears the latest firmware disables the hack that allowed users to re-install some Google apps missing from the default software on the device. Ah well, a shambling but active updating regimen is better than none at all.
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