Allegedly leaked Nexus One purchase page answers, raises questions (update: we've got the terms of sale)

So apparently the cats over at Gizmodo have gotten their hands on leaked pics of the Nexus One's landing and purchase page. First, the meat. According to the pages, the phone will be available in two ways: as a $529.99 unsubsidized and unlocked device, and as a $179.99 T-Mobile device locked to a two year contract. Sound familiar? It should, because it's exactly the same story as every other phone available on the market right now. Additionally, the pics seem to suggest that there will only be one plan available should you get the device on contract -- 500 minutes of talk time, unlimited text, data, and mobile to mobile for $79.99 -- which happens to exactly equal what you'd pay for a T-Mobile Even More 500 plan with unlimited smartphone data and unlimited messaging, so that means there's no bogus premium here. Furthermore, Giz claims that if you cancel your contract within 120 days you have to pay a $350 fee (a la Verizon) or return the phone to Google, and any existing customer that wishes to buy the phone has to switch to the Nexus One plan.

One thing that caught our eye is a mention of personalization -- you'll be able to get the phone engraved, something that we've been able to independently confirm through another tipster of ours. It looks like you can do two lines of text on a metallic bar on the back of the device... just don't expect to return it if you do (seriously, it says right in the terms of service that you're married to that thing if you get it etched).

To be perfectly honest, it's hard to say if this is the real deal or not. We don't get why Google would want to lock you into a single plan, nor do we fully understand why you would need to activate your phone via the website (as shown in the grab). Of course, the big G sometimes works in mysterious ways -- perhaps they're going for a little Apple magic here with restrictive plans and draconian ideas about how you can use the phone. It wouldn't be surprising given the timing of the company's little event next week. Don't worry, all will be revealed soon enough.

Update: Well what do you know. We've just been hit with a few photos of our own, apparently straight from HTC training materials, according to a tipster. And what else? Oh yes -- a PDF of the terms of sale, which you can download and view right here.