Unibody MacBook dips to $728 educational pricing

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Unibody MacBook dips to $728 educational pricing
As you may recall, we weren't exactly overflowing with praise for Apple's new polycarbonate unibody MacBook in our review a couple of months back. It's not that it's a bad laptop (though it does certainly have some shortcomings), it's just that it didn't quite feel like $999 of laptop. But $728? Now that's a bit more like it. While it's unfortunately not a permanent price drop, or even a sale that's available to everyone, that is the price that at least some students and educators can now snag the entry-level MacBook for. It's not clear how long that price will last though, as the regular educational pricing for the laptop is now apparently $899.

[Thanks, iSandy]

Update: From the looks of it, this "deal" is limited to the University of Maryland, College Park. Go Terps!

Update 2
: Looks like the page has been yanked -- you snooze, you lose! Thanks John!
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