Engadget: The Official Blog Partner of CES 2010!

Just like last year, Engadget has once again been chosen as the Official Blog Partner of CES! As you probably already know, CES is one of the craziest and best times of the year for Engadget, and while we typically shy away from industry partnerships, this combo is a rare distinction we wholeheartedly embrace.

Of course, for you (and us) nothing much changes when it comes time to hit the floor at CES 2010: we don't accept any hookups or editorial privileges from the CEA. Don't get all worried that we've "sold out" or let "the man" take control of us, and don't fret that we're not "keeping it real" or "coming correct." Just as usual, Engadget will be hammering away at CES coverage with the kind of unchecked ferocity you're used to experiencing. Our crack team of gadget geniuses will -- in fact -- be storming the floor, bringing you the first and best product news, and generally wreaking havoc on the gadget-loving public just like the CESs of years past.

One more note -- as you may have heard, we were voted Blog of the Decade in Adweek's "Best of the 2000s" poll. We wanted to take a minute and thank the voters, as well as all of our readers (voters or not); without you guys, we couldn't do what we do, and we'll be working hard to make sure the next decade is even better!