HTC Russia says HD2 will get Windows Mobile 7 upgrade, but other 'communicators' won't

And what do we have here? HTC's Russian contingent has been rather forthcoming with its Windows Mobile 7 plans this morning, which will please HD2 owners but disappoint many others. The good news is that HTC's flagship WinMo handset is assured of getting Microsoft's finest when it comes out, but the bad news is that the rest of the line will remain stuck at version 6.5 or below. Here's the tweet in the Queen's own tongue:

For Diamond 2 firmware is not planned. Of the existing communicators on the market, only the HD2 firmware to get WM7.

Keep in mind it's still possible, though not altogether probable, that this statement refers only to the Russian market. In either case, if you were holding out hope for your Touch Pro 2 or Snap to keep updating all the way to 7, it seems the odds are now officially stacked against you.