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TiVo planning a new "Premiere" DVR?

A packaging mixup may have revealed the next DVR coming from TiVo. Unfortunately this doesn't appear to be the Series4 we were looking for, but the "TiVo Premiere" (or Premiere XL) instructions sent along with a new TiVo HD to self-described Chicagoland geek Patrick McCarron show a slimmed down box with one (multistream only) CableCARD slot instead two and no S-video or phone jack. The prevailing speculation is this is a lower cost revision of the existing Series3 hardware that could be on shelves very soon, but we're still hoping for updated internals and UI to make TiVo fresh for the next decade. The full instructions are scanned and posted over at Infinite Shamrock, for confirmation and any real details on what's next we'll probably be waiting until next week in Las Vegas.