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PhaseOne P40+ medium format camera hits the streets of Copenhagen


It's been a few moments since Phase One had us lusting after one of its devices, and now the company is back with a 40 megapixel system named, appropriately enough, the P40+. Like the P65+ we peeped last year, this new guy offers two separate image-capture modes -- in this case, you're looking at either a standard mode for full 40 megapixel shooting, or a 10 megapixel Sensor+ mode that gives you a four-fold increase in light sensitivity (ISO to 3200), and a 1.8 fps capture rate. Both modes feature a 12.5 f-stop dynamic range. The camera is shipping now, and it will run you a cool €16,990 ($22,073). Or pick up just the camera back for €14,990 ($19,475). Actually, you might want to think about picking up two. You know, just in case. One more image after the break.

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