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iDisk for iPhone release hinted at via phantom tech note


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We've been waiting and waiting for the official iDisk app for iPhone 3.0 devices -- since WWDC, in fact, when the capability for the Apple-branded file sharing solution was first announced. Now there are hints that the app may actually be on the way. Yesterday, the tech note above briefly appeared on Apple's technical support site before disappearing again into 404-land (full-size screenshot here).

Sure, the note doesn't say much about the functionality or options for the iDisk app... actually, it doesn't say anything at all besides the fact that deleting the as-yet-unreleased app would also delete the data associated with the app (and the note manages to use the wrong "its" in the process). Even so, the appearance of support content for the iDisk app does suggest that the app itself cannot be too far behind.

In the meantime, if you're looking for a handy way to access iDisk and other remote files from your phone, the $4.99 Readdle Docs app was recently enhanced to allow email forwarding of attachments directly to the company's storage solution. Check it out.

Thanks to Kevin for sending in the tip.

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