Apple launching free iDisk iPhone app for viewing and sending stored docs -- still no substitute for a file system

Buried under the considerable stack of WWDC newness is news that Apple is launching an iPhone iDisk application for MobileMe users alongside iPhone OS 3.0. It lets users browse through and view their remotely stored docs, but there doesn't seem to be an offline component to the app (at least none is mentioned in Apple's brief writeup) -- though a feature that lets you email a download link to an iDisk file is welcome. Naturally, there are plenty of apps that already access iDisk, WebDAV, Google Docs and other online storage systems, and offer added functionality like local caching to boot, but it's at least nice to have a bit of first party support when it comes to basic iDisk browsing for users who are already paying for the privilege -- we just hope it grows into so much more.

[Thanks, Arya]