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SOE announces a new way for Free Realms players to get in the game

Like the Free Realms Card Duelist job? Ever thought how cool it would be to have a card of your duelist? Well, it seems like Sony Online Entertainment thinks that would be pretty cool too, as they've just added a new service allowing players to do just that. The Duelist on Demand service allows Free Realms players to create physical Topps cards of their very own duelists. As an added bonus, each physical card has a code on the bottom of it that you can redeem in-game for a virtual copy of your unique duelist card!

The cards are currently only available in the US (except Maine for some strange reason) and are $12 US for 10 cards. "This print-on-demand option gives Free Realms players an entirely new way to immerse themselves into the game, with a unique, physical Topps trading card," said Scott Martins, Director of Development at SOE Denver. "Imagine creating a trading card based on your in-game character and then trading it with your friends for their personalized card. It's as if you are passing out your very own Free Realms business cards." With school back in, this could also be a pretty nifty way to reward excellent grades, or as a unique gift idea for friends and family who enjoy Free Realms.

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