Sony VAIO Z to offer ultra-fast "Quad SSD" in RAID 0 configuration, backlit keyboard?

We've already given you the leaked specs for the unannounced updates to Sony's VAIO Z series of laptops. Now here's what you haven't heard: that SSD on the feature list is rather special, a "Quad SSD" in Sony language. To quote from the materials we've peeped, the Quad SSD is delineated as "SSD RAID0:64GB/128GB x 4." What's unclear is whether that means 4x 128GB or 64GB modules for either 512GB or 256GB of RAID 0 storage, or simply 4x flash modules totaling 128GB or 64GB of RAID 0 capacity. Presumably, it's similar to devices like the PhotoFast GMonster Quad Drive (pictured, with four CF memory cards) that we've already seen. What we do know for sure, however, is that Sony's Quad SSD features incredible throughput compared to a traditional 5400rpm hard disk. We're talking about writing a 1GB file at about 4 seconds compared to 25 seconds on that same 5400rpm spinner. We're also told that the VAIO Z will be the first to feature a backlit keyboard, something we've been missing from Sony's previous generation of Zs. It's CES kids so the truth is only hours away.

[Thanks, Anonymous]