ZOMM uses Bluetooth to tether you to your phone, your phone to you

Missing cellphones are a fact of life for forgetful folks, and while the 'ol "call yourself and hunt the feeble ringtone" technique works most of the time, some need a little bit more. There are plenty of software solutions out there, but ZOMM could be the perfect hardware option for any handset that supports Bluetooth. It's a keyring that tethers wirelessly to your celly like a headset, starting to buzz, blink, and chime whenever you leave the phone -- or the ZOMM -- behind. It will also alert you to incoming calls and even let you take them, acting like a disconnected speakerphone. Appropriately, the poker chip-sized device will be on display at CES this week, where there will surely be no shortage of misplaced handsets of all shapes and sizes kicking around.