MSI Wind U160 hands-on

We told you MSI was going to bring its Wind U160 to Vegas and we just some alone time with it. The design is obviously inspired by a Sony VAIO, with the glowing power light nestled in the hinge, though we wish they had mimicked Sony's matte lids -- the U160's glossy mocha-brown lid loves it some fingerprints. We're impressed with the thinness of the netbook and it felt pretty light in our hand. Unfortunately the chicklet keyboard doesn't feel as solid as the one on the Wind U135 and it's got some serious trampoline bounce. As for the internals, we've been told it will pack an 1.6GHz Intel Atom N450 CPU, 1GB of RAM and a Windows 7 Starter-booting 250GB hard drive all for $399. It could be a decent netbook player if its six-cell battery produces some solid battery life. Hit the break for the video.