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Rubin on adding multitouch to the Nexus One: 'we'll consider it'

Google and its partners have a track record of being clear as mud about their intentions regarding multitouch -- they're obviously all dancing around the issue, but there's definitely some logic (probably legal logic, but logic nonetheless) behind which devices are getting it in which markets. Notably lacking multitouch, though is the flagship Nexus One -- an odd device for Google to fail to pimp out in every conceivable way, we'd argue. Our man on the ground in Mountain View today pressed Android chief Andy Rubin on the matter today, asking whether we might see multitouch in a future Nexus One software update: "we'll consider it." That's all we could get out of him, suggesting this is still very much a sensitive subject -- but at least we have some confirmation that it's a software limitation alone, so if nothing else, this'll get hacked every which way within a few days of release.