Clickfree aims at the suits with Traveler for BlackBerry auto backup card

Clickfree already showcased a trio of new automatic backup devices, but it managed to save just one for dexterous crowd: the Traveler for BlackBerry. Similar in design to the Traveler SD, this 16GB microSD card is tailor made to slip inside of your BlackBerry and then backup critical information from your PC or Mac. This one's aimed primarily at business travelers, who are entirely more likely to have their BlackBerry on them than some random hard drive. If 16GB just won't cut it, the company is expected to reveal larger versions a little later in the year. The process works as such: slap the card within your phone, connect it to your PC via USB and watch as the software syncs new files and creates a backup of anything that has changed. It'll start shipping by April for a lofty $89.99 (16GB) / $149.99 (32GB), so make sure you can plop this thing on that corporate card before mashing "go."

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Traveler for Blackberry
Secure computer backup to a micro SD card made for Blackberry

Product Description
The Clickfree Traveler for Blackberry is a micro-SD card with pre- installed Clickfree backup software that enables computer backup to your Blackberry smart phone.

The Traveler for Blackberry has plenty of capacity to backup Office files from any PC or Mac. Perfect for the business traveler, enabling computer backup on your Blackberry adds a level of comfort – you'll feel better knowing that you can quickly create secure backups and transfer or recover important presentations and documents conveniently using the Blackberry, a device that you carry with you all the time. The Traveler for Blackberry comes in 16GB capacity – with larger capacities to be announced in the coming year.

Just install the Clickfree Traveler micro-SD card into your Blackberry, then whenever you connect your Blackberry to your computer using its USB cable, the Clickfree backup software will automatically backup new or changed office files from your computer onto the connected Blackberry. Clickfree's smart backup will automatically find, organize, and store hundreds of file types. Options allow you to configure the backup, controlling what will be included or excluded. It's a fast, efficient, and easy way to backup critical files while you're on the go.

Key Features
Clickfree Award-Winning Smart Backup Technology automatically backs up and organizes

hundreds of file types, and makes it easy to restore or transfer files to new computers, even when
upgrading Windows operating systems.
Encryption – secure your backup using password protection with encryption

Multi-PC – backup multiple computers, Mac or PC, onto one Blackberry
•Control backup settings in "Options"