DECE & Keychest both laying claim to friendly DRM of the future title

The quest for a DRM solution that works for consumers instead of against them continues, with the forces behind the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (48 companies now) and Keychest (so far, just Disney) trading announcements. While the DECE has added 21 new members to its fold, agreed on a common file format, selected a vendor for the authentication service that ideally will keep you viewing legitimately purchased content at your leisure and approval of several DRM systems, without full specs available or any hardware or content specifically mentioned, it's still just so much vapor. Meanwhile Disney promises additional content partnerships are "coming soon" and that it's negotiating with content distributors, cable and telco companies, but we suspect until the promise of a "DVD collection in the cloud" is reality and not just a spec, most users will stay close to their torrents and disc ripping programs to get play-anywhere ease right now.