Delorme's Earthmate PN-60w gets Spot compatibility, can beam your tweets into space

Okay, so we don't get out all that much, especially this time of year, but when we do we have this lingering dread about being disconnected. What if we miss a text from our BFF? What if we get a Facebook request from Super Fun Annoying Wall? What if we skip a tweet from @FakeAPStylebook? Delorme's latest takes care of that, relying on satellites to beam all your social networking signals from outer space. The Earthmate PN-60w is the GPS end of things, with a 32-channel receiver, three-axis compass, and all the tracking, waypoint, and breadcrumb functionality you'd expect from this sort of device. The PN-60w can then pair with a Spot Messenger for sending text messages, Facebook updates, and tweets from the most desolate of backwoods. The PN-60w is said to be avail sometime this spring, and you can pre-order yours at Amazon now for $549.