Live from Samsung's CES 2010 press conference

We're here at Samsung's CES press event -- they're playing some funky smooth jams, and we're being told it's due to start in just a few minutes.

2:51PM And... that's it! Stay tuned for some serious hands-on action.

2:51PM "Expect to see a steady stream of connected devices from us." Showing Omnia II being used as a remote, TV streaming to a laptop.

2:48PM That's it for the reader -- we'll grab hands-on ASAP. Tim's back on stage for "the home stretch."

2:47PM Premier content partner for e-books is... Google. Surprise!

2:46PM Touch screen QWERTY keyboar, you can write directly on the display. "Read, write and share wirelessly."

2:46PM Samsung announcing its first e-book, a 10-inch and a 6-inch model.

2:45PM World's smallest color laser printer, with a one-touch screen print button and WiFI / DLNA.

2:43PM "LED's moment is now... and this year we're raising the bar." Talking about new LED monitors. New 1000-lumen F10 LED projector, no bulbs to replace for 10 years.

2:42PM Doug Albregts, VP of consumer tech now on stage.

2:42PM Samsung CL80 point-and-shoot can balance at a 7-degree angle for better group shots. Nifty.

2:41PM S16 allows you to stream 1080p video to Samsung TV over WiFi.

2:41PM Announcing the Samsung NX10, and the S!6 camcorder.

2:40PM There's no other way to say this: it smelle like brownies in here.

2:40PM IceTouch transparent ALMOLD display MP3 player. Two-inch display, you can control it from the back.

2:39PM Hyping the DTV Moment. We're sensing a Samsung trend here: 3D TV requires silly glasses, DTV Moment has a huge silly antenna. Samsung wants to make you look like a nerd... with innovations.

2:38PM Oh, but the innovations don't stop there. "Frankly we don't stop there." Phone time! Omnia II, Moment, Mythic all getting some love here.

2:37PM Katzenberg: "This television is a piece of art... the finest work going on in home entertainment today.

2:36PM Technicolor announcing its first ever Blu-ray 3D disc, Monsters vs. Aliens. "This is the first 3D disc, but it will not be the last."

2:35PM What's interesting here is that no one's saying what the Samsung / Technicolor / DreamWorks partnership actually is -- Blu-ray 3D is a standard, after all.

2:34PM Frederic Rose is now speaking: "We've supported the industry through all major technological advances... Today we are very proud to be supporting the industry's migration to 3D."

2:33PM Katzenberg is saying some stuff about 3D in the 1920s? We're more noticing the weird reflections on the blank screens -- must be because of the 3D overlay.

2:32PM You know why people won't pirate 3D movies? Because they have to wear silly glasses to watch them. Just riffing here.

2:31PM "Because of 3D we stand at a watershed moment for the entire movie industry. It's an incredible artisitic tool... and it generates big profits. Oh, and in a wonderful way, it may even reduce piracy." We're sure the pirates will have something to say about that.

2:30PM "I'm going to take my 3D glasses off, because I don't read so well in 3D." Katzenberg reading a statement. Exclusive partnership that will bring Monsters vs. Aliens home on 3D Blu-ray.

2:28PM Everyone's wearing the glasses. Katzenberg just asked if the audience has glasses -- we don't. "Well, it's beautiful."

2:28PM DreamWorks is the first 3D content partner. Jeffery Katzenberg is on stage, along with the Technicolor CEO Frederic Rose.

2:26PM We're watching a video about Mother Nature and Samsung TVs. Mother Nature seems to love brushed aluminum.

2:24PM New 3D BD deck, and they're launching a new "3D home theater system" later this year as well.

2:24PM LCD 750 and PDP 7000 3D plasma. The plasma is 1.7 inches thick. Wonder if we'll get a black level bake off here.

2:23PM LED 7000 -- features Touch of Color design in "Mystic Earth." The base looks like something out of Battlestar Galactica.

2:23PM LED 8000 series, with a new backlight -- blacker blacks, and it looks pretty even to us.

2:22PM 9000-series, not 5000. The remote is a touchscreen that does QWERTY, and when you're watching a BD on the TV you can watch on the remote. Rock.

2:22PM Brushed metal bezel, sliding auto sensor that detects when the user is close and slides out the controls.

2:21PM 5000 series LED -- width of a pencil. 0.3-inches.

2:20PM They're going to do real-time 2D-3D conversion, 3D LED, 3D LCD, 3D plasmas.

2:19PM The screen is slim, but the picture is deep -- they call this "The Depth Paradox." Sadly, this is not also the name of an upcoming suspense movie starring Ben Affleck.

2:18PM Announcing a total 3D solution: 3D TV, 3D BD deck, 3D home theater system... and "light and comfortable active shutter glasses."

2:16PM He's saying glasses have held 3D back in the past, but people now love watching 3D films in theaters. "Hollywood has embraced 3D... consumer are now expecting the same 3D experience they're getting in the theater at home."

2:15PM "Now let's take it to the next dimension: 3D."

2:15PM We're sitting next to the teleprompter. SPOILER ALERT

2:14PM "If you thought it was fun building an app for a 3-inch phone screen, I have a 55-inch screen I'd like to show you." Showing a video with Kevin Thau from Twitter.

2:13PM First TV apps in spring, "premium apps" in summer. One hint about the dev program: "open."

2:12PM Presenting Samsung Apps, the first multi-device app store. Apps on the phone, TV, Blu-ray players.

2:11PM Two parts, and the first is apps. "We love apps, and we really love our TVs."

2:11PM Samsung is forging the future of home entertainment "in what we like to call a new dimension." The THIRD dimension, perhaps?

2:10PM Samsung Electronics America President Tim Baxter now on stage.

2:09PM More innovative devices, more apps, more ways to connect.

2:09PM Three themes: Innovation, applications, connectivity.

2:08PM Samsung is putting the planet first, with a new eco initiative. "And what better way to start than here at CES?" They've got a carbon-neutral booth. In Las Vegas.

2:07PM When Samsung "delights and inspires in new and innovative ways" they think "anything is possible"... like making extreme amounts of pure cash.

2:06PM 200 Samsung phones sold since David's been on stage. "Maybe I should take a little longer." Ha!

2:06PM Samsung is now the #1 mobile phone brand in the US, with 25 percent marketshare.

2:05PM They've sold more then 2.6m LED TVs worldwide, with 80 percent marketshare in the LED category. They want to sell more than 10m globally in 2010.

2:05PM Samsung wants to surprise, delight, and wow customers. With what? LED TVs, of course.

2:04PM Samsung Electronics North America VP David Steele is on the stage, sharing the new motto: "Inspire the World, Change the Future."

2:03PM And... here we go. The jams are being kicked.

1:59PM We're told things will get under way in "three minutes." A clever reference to 3D TV, or just neurotic specificity? The world may never know.