Live from Sony's CES 2010 press event

We're here at Sony's CES press event -- we're expecting some more 3D TV action and maybe some Blu-ray news, but we'll find out what's going down soon enough.

5:29PM Beautiful Nightmare now blasting again -- these lyrics describe our feelings about 3D almost perfectly. Either way, we don't want to wake up.

5:27PM "Our goal is to become an undisputed global leader in 3D." And... that's it!

5:27PM All Sony Style stores in the US getting 3D demo units, starting tonight in Vegas.

5:26PM To recap: Sony not only thinks you'll wear the glasses, but that you'll go out and buy them as an add-on kit for your TV, along with a transmitter. That sounds workable.

5:26PM Showing off a prototype of a 3D OLED TV.

5:26PM They'll be joined by two other lines of 3D-capable sets that don't bundle the glasses and the transmitter. Which you'll have to go out and buy separately.

5:25PM Stan back on, introducing new 3D Bravias for 2010. They'll be packaged with two pairs of active shutter glasses, and a transmitter built in.

5:24PM "I've been trying to persuade ESPN to do curling in 3D."

5:23PM "We're working hard to making Sony devices already in the home 3D friendly." All existing PS3 will be firmware upgraded to do 3D games and 3D Blu-rays.

5:23PM "Who knows what's going to happen next." ESPN... 4D?

5:22PM "Like high-def, 3D provides viewers a new way to experience the game."

5:21PM 85 events on ESPN 3D this year, including FIFA World Cup.

5:21PM George Bodenheimer, ESPN and ABC Sports VP on stage.

5:21PM ESPN 3D launching this summer, first 3D sports network.

5:20PM PGA Tour will soon be in 3D as well. Insert Tiger Woods joke.

5:20PM 2010 FIFA World Cup will be in 3D this summer, shot on Sony 3D cameras.

5:19PM Sony and CBS partnering on The Sony 3D Experience, a new consumer research experience. Not a lot of detail about it, but it'll be at the MGM Grand here at Vegas.

5:19PM Sony Music also pushing 3D -- Kenny Chesney is coming to theaters in 3D this summer.

5:18PM Sony opening a 3D technology center to teach filmmakers how to shoot 3D.

5:18PM Sir Howard: "I'd forgotten I was wearing 3D glasses! That's a good sign, isn't it?"

5:16PM Invited Discover and IMAX execs on stage. "At Discovery we view 3D as the future of TV."

5:16PM Sir Howard: "Imagine Shark Week in 3D -- we may have to equip everyone with a defibrillator."

5:15PM Some seriously impressive stuff in this demo -- the Discovery stuff in particular. Lots of "why'd they bother" moments as well, though.

5:14PM Partnership with RealD, Discovery, and IMAX. Glasses demo time again!

5:13PM "We will marshall all our resources to deliver the next great consumer experience... wait for it... 3D."

5:12PM Sir Howie back on stage. "Oh, many of you are still here. That's a good sign. A good sign." He's so charming, it hurts.

5:12PM "Sony's commitment to 3D should leave no doubt about where we're headed."

5:12PM VAIO Z, showcases ultramobile expertise. Intelligent switching between graphics intensive and battery saving modes. Sounds like switchable discrete / integrated graphics to us.

5:11PM VAIO F, with Intel's latest quad-core CPU and HDMI out.

5:10PM The VAIO W is also made out of recycled CDs, which is a lot cooler than that printed manual thing.

5:10PM VAIO W -- "A laptop so green it doesn't come with a printed manual." These are words that were just said.

5:09PM Abrupt transition time! Sony has recycled 24.5 million pounds of waste and will strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent.

5:08PM TransferJet coming to cameras, photo frames, and VAIO in the future.

5:08PM He shot across three images in a "second or two." Of course we don't know what the file sizes were, but it certainly worked as promised.

5:07PM They're demoing a TransferJet demo -- wirelessly transferring images from one camera to another.

5:07PM Is it time for Zoolander jokes? "Next you'll have a Magnum detector and I'll be out of a job." Yes, it is that time.

5:06PM He's taking a panoramic shot of the audience. "Sony executives seriously working it down here. Smile with the eyes, you've obviously a Top Model fan."

5:05PM He likes it a lot. Why? Because the auto-adjustment in Photoshop doesn't do anything to Cyber-shot pictures. "They're nearly perfect." Um, sure.

5:04PM Nigel's got a new Cyber-shot: "They're like 'professional point-and-shoots'... they have G-series lenses, which are like SLR optics in a point-and-shoot." Plus he likes the EXMOR-R sensor.

5:03PM Nigel Barker, photog from America's Next Top Model now on stage.

5:02PM Sony's showing off TransferJet, which they've been talking about for a while.

5:02PM New geotagging Cyber-shots with compass -- the new TX7 also works with the Party-dock.

5:01PM Easy uploads, etc. Sounds like a continuation of last year's Webbie.

5:00PM Sony introducing Bloggie, a new pocket cam.

4:59PM They're talking about new EXMOR Handycams, but we're still blown away by the SD thing. Is it seriously 2012 already?

4:58PM Seriously. Sony just went away from their own proprietary format. Dog and cats, living together. Mass hysteria.

4:58PM HandyCam and Cyber-shot cameras going dual-SD and MemoryStick! This is seriously huge news. No wonder Sony announced SD cards this morning.

4:57PM Wall Street Journal available now, and two new exclusive Dow Jones packages are also now available: MarketWatch and WSJ Plus. Only electronic version of the New York Post soon to come.

4:56PM Stan's back, talking about content on the go and the Reader Daily Edition.

4:55PM "It's become clear that we need a more centralized organizational structure to go forward... we've established Sony Network Entertainment Inc." Just what Sony needs, another division!

4:53PM Streaming movies coming to VAIO and other Windows PC later this month in six countries, also BD decks and TVs.

4:53PM Single user ID for both PSN and other consumer products -- so these other devices aren't getting true PSN, but they're "looking at making a single experience" in the future.

4:52PM They're extending the video services to more devices -- Blu-ray players, laptops, TVs.

4:51PM More countries for video on PSN later this year. 38m registered users on PSN.

4:50PM Talking up the premium video content on PlayStation Network.

4:50PM Sony's good at making devices, but they know they need to do more.

4:50PM "I'm not here just to talk about the PS3... we're expanding our network services beyond PS3 and PSP."

4:49PM 1.7m PS3s sold in North America alone this past quarter. Kaz is proud of all the recent games.

4:48PM Kaz Hirai now coming on stage.

4:48PM So... Sony made a Chumby. Okay.

4:48PM "The new Dash personal internet viewer is designed to show you your favorite parts of the internet in a dash." Also does movies, audio, Facebook, Twitter.

4:47PM It can either lie flat or stand. It's too chunky for a pocket, but it's mobile -- they're not showing it plugged in.

4:46PM Sony Dash Internet Viewer. Looks like an alarm clock / picture frame.

4:46PM "Sony is committed to providing content that consumers want everywhere they go."

4:45PM New Blu-ray deck with monolithic design, WiFi, joined by a new HTIB that does internet video and BD-Live.

4:44PM "Blu-ray continues to make significant strides... Sony has the broadest Blu-ray lineup in the market."

4:44PM Monolithic design will also be in many home theater products. New HTIB with wireless speakers.

4:43PM Pre-orders starting tonight, delivery in early March.

4:43PM They'll obviously be connected TVs, lots of Bravia Internet Video integration and Bravia Internet Widgets... and "something else you'll be hearing about shortly."

4:42PM So... how does this TV embody the make.believe spirit? It's not just empty marketing, is it?

4:41PM NX800 -- new LED backlit set. New Bravias starting this spring, from 22-60 inches. Monolithic TVs are designed for be viewed at a six degree slant to compensate for low stands.

4:40PM Newest products that embody make.believe philosophy. First up: new Bravias, featuring our "new monolithic design." The music is appropriately terrifying.

4:39PM Joshua Marc Levy, art director, Sony Music. Just a normal guy buying a Walkman, really.

4:39PM This is something about an album cover designer, who is as yet unnamed. "I get to create album covers for some of the greatest artists of all time!" Sure sounds like the average Sony customer to us. Update: It's Joshua Marc Levy!

4:37PM "I want to share a make.believe story with you." Video time!

4:37PM The dot in make.believe symbolizes the place where... make meets believe.

4:36PM "Sony is committed to the idea that anything you can imagine, you can make real."

4:36PM "make.believe" is not an empty marketing message... We are establishing a personal and practical connection with consumers."

4:36PM Stan's saying that the past year was rough for the industry, but Sony did okay.

4:35PM We're welcoming Sony executives who have joined us from around the world. Stan's also teasing a Ford / Sony partnership that will be announced tomorrow at the Ford keynote.

4:33PM "You'll be seeing things that only a company with the power and depth of Sony can deliver."

4:32PM On stage now: Stan Glasgow, President and COO, Sony Electronics.

4:32PM "My conversation with her was more interesting than the conversation you've had lately."

4:32PM Sir Howard: "Are we not lucky to have her? Maybe you'll call us cool again."

4:31PM The glitter was also in 3D.

4:31PM Glitter explosion!

4:30PM The projected 3D isn't actually all that great -- it's nice, but it's not worth wearing silly glasses for. Particularly when the real Taylor Swift is right in front of you. The sparkles on her guitar do "pop," though.

4:29PM We're going to say live Taylor beats 3D projected Taylor. Her guitar is so sparkly!

4:28PM Oh -- they're projecting this live in 3D on the screen behind her. We're having a hard time deciding which is the more convincing 3D experience.

4:27PM For some reason, we have to put the glasses on again. But... she's right here!

4:26PM Taylor loves taking pictures and videos on the road to connect with her fans. "I'm very interested in what's the newest and the best... I'm very interested in documented my tour in 3D."

4:25PM Taylor Swift is also here in 3D. Why are we still wearing these glasses?

4:25PM "We're also committed to doing live performances in 3D." We're about to see a 3D live perfomance, obviously. PAUL MILLER ALERT: TAYLOR SWIFT IS HERE.

4:24PM "Today I'm pleased to announced that Sony Music and Jimi Hendrix's estate have announced a significant partnership." A ton of stuff will be available in 3D, all converted.

4:23PM Sir Howard Stringer taking the stage. He is in 3D. "I bet you think you all look really cool with those glasses on, don't you."

4:23PM We're being told to put on our 3D glasses for a special 3D experience... which is Jimi at Woodstock. Looks like 2D-to-3D conversion is on the menu here.

4:21PM They just told us to turn off our cell phones. In the background, Mario told us we were about to get a little tipsy... before we break up.

4:18PM Tik Tok by Kesha now bumping loud. Maybe Sony is announcing an Auto-Tune partnership?

4:16PM (Comments are now on, by the way.)

4:14PM Sony just opened the curtain and revealed another eight rows of empty seats in front of the stage, prompting a mad rush of people. Background music: Electric Feel, by MGMT.

4:13PM Sony's only got four minutes to go. Four minutes.

4:09PM We're really sorry about that. Technical difficulties?

4:09PM Someone call 9-1-1, Sony's fire is burning on the show floor.

4:04PM Someone just cranked up "Beautiful Nightmare." Somewhere backstage, Sir Howard is straight breaking it down.