Live from Toshiba's CES press event

We're in place to see what Toshiba's got for us this year. We're figuring Cell TV is a must (banners around the LVCC make that obvious) and 3D is a given but we're wondering if an updated Blu-ray player, or another sighting of last year's Media Center Extender TV that never appeared are in the card. Just a few more minutes until 10 p.m. pst when we find out for sure.

1:36PM ....and that's it. hear enough about the power of the Cell? We're ready to rewind a 2005 Sony E3 talk just to get pumped up again. We'll hop up on stage and get a closer look but it's doubtful there will be any automagic 2D to 3D happening here in the ballroom. We're out.

1:35PM CCFL is on the way out -- done by 2012, also, 4K res coming soon. Lots of claims about Cell TV as the best, our eyes will tell the tale.

1:34PM The two Cell TV lines - Genesis in 55 and 65 inches, Illusion series rocks the 42-, 47- and 52-inch range.

1:33PM KIRA sounds kinda like KURO, no?

1:32PM The new LCD panel in the Cell TV is "KIRA 2" with "more" zones - 512 zones of local dimming LEDs, claimed 9,000,000:1 dynamic contrast, 1,000 cdm2 brightness

1:31PM "With Cell TV -- everything is in 3D"

1:31PM 2D to 3D conversion with "Tri-Vector conversion" -- hopefully that means "doesn't suck." Toshiba is going the active shutter glasses route, but it claims the conversion software is the big deal so you can watch anything in 3D. We'll be able to see this entire conference later in 3D to test it out, remind us to grab the seasick pills.

1:29PM What makes thier videophone different from LG and Panasonic's Skype? "not using software meant for a PC" oooh - a dig at Skype. Now the promise is super resolution upscaling will improve the quality there, no word who you'll actually be able to call though. Also the 1TB HDD and built-in BD player.

1:27PM Built in Wireless HD, WiFi 802.11n, DLNA, plays movies from USB, Video Phone and Net TV channels all packed in with the Cell TV

1:27PM 580Hz is done by converting 60fps to 240, then using backlight scanning to get the speed up to 480Hz. New AutoView RGB sense the color temperature of the room, so the TV doesn't just automatically adjust brightness anymore, but also colors.

1:26PM Super Resolution, 480Hz, RGB technology. Toshiba's talking super Resolution+ again, it claims the power of Cell can make the difference this time, we'll need to see it to believe it. Can anyone really make our shoddy YouTube flicks look good on the big screen?

1:24PM Now we're throwing around Cell processor numbers, Ken Kutaragi would be proud.

1:24PM Of ten new series of TVs coming in 2010 - 7 use LED. Cell TV takes over the ultimate high end with 2 LED series,

1:22PM So what is all this leading up to? Toshiba wants to solve the problem of no complete connected home theater solution with Cell TV "Cell-f Realization." Very punny.

1:20PM We're getting a lot of industry numbers, but not Toshiba specific, we'll wait patiently for another look at that Cell TV, but don't test us...

1:18PM LED is keeping average prices going up at the high end sizes (50-inch+)

1:17PM LCD is attacking the larger sizes where plasma is still selling well, even at 60-inches and above.

1:16PM Now it's Excel bar graph time, LCD sales are going up, plenty of plasma dissing here.

1:15PM and that's that for Atsushi -now we're on a Cell TV demo reel. Did you know it has a Cell Processor in it? Key line "Powering the future" VP of the TV group Scott Ramirez is grabbing the mic to 'splain how we'll be transformed.

1:13PM Toshiba is bringing a 3D Blu-ray player to market this year - the BDX3000.

1:12PM The Cell TV does real time 2D - to 3D conversion -- let's hope it's better done than that ill-fated Cowboys Stadium demo.

1:12PM "Revolutionizing the Television Experience 2010" They see the TV as an engine, not just a network connected device. Cell TV is the highlight, plus "the ultimate 3D experience" coming home this year.

1:09PM CEO Atsushi Murasawa of TACP is coming on stage to tell us what's coming in 2010.

1:09PM Environmental efforts are getting top billing, with a plan for "Environmental Vision 2050" putting recycling of end-use products at the top of its priorities.

1:08PM Did anyone see Toshiba's "I'm on TV" promotion over New Year's Eve? We were passed out.... somewhere by 11 p.m., it's a little fuzzy. If you're checking the news, put hashtag #ToshibaCES in your tweets to let 'em know what you're thinking.

1:05PM First on the docket? Social media. Toshiba wants to capture our hearts. Awwwww.