Mad Catz adds mice to Cyborg PC gaming line, (doesn't) blend human and mouse DNA

Rabid feline news now, with the erroneously spelled peripheral maker announcing "a new range of premium Cyborg gaming mice" expected to be in(side?) consumer's hands by Spring 2010. We feel like we can confide in you: we also assumed Mad Catz had finally done it, actually blended human flesh with a traditional gaming mouse to create a new class (and species!) of PC gaming peripheral. Alas, no – it's just the addition of four mice, ranging in price from $50 to $130, to their currently keyboard-heavy existing Cyborg PC gaming lineup. "The Cyborg mouse range was developed entirely in house and I believe they are the most comfortable gaming mice you'll ever use," said Mad Cat Darren Richardson. "Also, upon contact with your hand, it will merge with your DNA and create an entirely new appendage blending the greatest aspects of the human body and the gaming mouse." Alright, we made that last part up ... but how about actual half-robot-half-rodent tech ...