Sony introduces Dash Internet Viewer touchscreen tablet (Update: it runs Chumby OS!)

We've got another one, folks: Sony's doing a tablet. The Dash Internet Viewer is a touchscreen WiFi device which can be propped up like a digital photo frame or toted around the home like... a tablet. Still, a Chumby comparison might be more appropriate: the 7-inch device can run Chumby apps (there are over 1,000 free ones out there already), to which Sony will be adding its own Sony Music and Sony Pictures properties for movie trailers, music videos and so forth. The $199 unit can be stood on end or tilted quasi-flat for a variety of hands-free viewing angles, and works as an alarm clock, waking users up to the sweet sounds and visuals of internet videos. The Dash ships in April.

Update: We just confirmed that this device runs Chumby OS and is not portable (as in, there's no built-in battery). Rest assured, this is no slate / tablet rival -- in fact, it's more like a sophisticated alarm clock.