Toshiba BDX3000 Blu-ray player does 3D, BDX2700 and BDX2500 do... other stuff

Toshiba's going all-in on the Blu-ray front here at CES and launching three new connected Blu-ray players: the BDX2500, the BDX2700 and the 3D-ready BDX3000. All three models do online streaming through a new partnership with CinemaNow; the $199 BDX2500 has a USB port for a wireless dongle, while the $249 BDX2700 and as-yet-unpriced BDX3000 have built-in WiFi. Expect the 2D models in the spring, and the three-dee unit in Q3. Full PR after the break.

(That's a pic of the current BDX2000, by the way -- we'll update with a new pic if the new ones look different.)

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Includes the BDX3000 with 3D Capability For a Premium Home Entertainment Experience

CES, LAS VEGAS – JANUARY 6, 2010– Toshiba America Consumer Products, L.L.C. ("Toshiba"), a market leader in home entertainment products, expands its range of Blu-ray players with the introduction of three new players, the BDX2500, BDX2700 and the BDX3000. The BDX3000 will feature Blu-ray 3D™ capability for added entertainment.

With all models featuring online connectivity, consumers will enjoy access to online streaming entertainment from partners such as Netflix®, Cinema Now® and Pandora®. These Toshiba Blu-ray models will also feature access to 1080p VUDU™ content.
"Entertainment options have come full circle, not just from high quality, high definition disc based Blu-ray content, but now also through online streaming of movies, TV shows and music," said Jodi Sally, Vice President of Digital Audio/Video Marketing. "With these new devices, consumers will now not only be able to enjoy thousands of TV episodes and movies streamed from Netflix and Cinema Now, but also 1080p content from VUDU. In addition, to round out the offerings, consumers can enjoy their favorite music playlists created with Pandora for a fuller experience."
With the recent announcement of the finalized Blu-ray 3D format specification, Toshiba will also add the new BDX3000 Blu-ray player with 3D playback to complement the Toshiba 3D television products. The BDX3000 is planned to become available in the third quarter and adds 3D playback in addition to the full slate of features found on the BDX2700.

All models feature 1080p/24fps playback of Blu-ray titles, as well as upconversion of standard definition DVD, are BD-Live™ capable, offer online streaming capability, playback of MP3, HD-JPEG, WMA and AVCHD for home movie viewing. Audio features of all models include on-board decoding of Dolby® True HD and DTS HD Master Audio | Essential ™ via the analog 7.1 channel outputs or pass through via HDMI® interface for outboard decoding. The BDX2500 will be "wireless ready" via its USB port, with an optional Toshiba USB wireless "dongle*" for connection to a wireless home network. The BDX2700 is packed with the same features of the BDX2500 but adds built-in wireless connectivity. The BDX3000, which will ship later in the year, features a fresh new design, 3D capabilities and a wide-range of added features, with full details to follow closer to launch date.

The BDX2500 will have a suggested price of $199.99, the BDX2700 $249.99; both will become available in spring 2010. The BDX3000 is planned to become available in the third quarter.