Xbox 360 will support AT&T's U-Verse TV later this year

Microsoft Mediaroom

Just a quick little note from Microsoft's CES 2010 keynote, but man it's a surprise. AT&T U-Verse subscribers will soon be able to use their Xbox 360s as a set-top box. AT&T U-Verse is the one IPTV provider in the US -- admittedly there aren't many -- that utilizes Microsoft's Mediaroom platform and while it was announced at CES three years ago that the 360 could act as a Mediaroom set-top, up until now AT&T customers didn't have this option -- well, maybe not now as an exact release date wasn't mentioned. We also don't have a clue if AT&T will charge for this type of thing. Another thing cool that was mentioned was that a Windows 7 PC can also work as a Mediaroom set-top and Mediaroom was even demoed on a Windows Mobile phone.