Buffalo teases Dualie dock, LinkStation NAS and MediaStation 6x portable BluRay writer

Dropping by Buffalo's booth at CES today was a surprisingly fruitful affair. The company is keen is to promote its first US-designed product, called the Dualie, which serves as a simultaneous HDD and iPhone/iPod dock. Priced at $250, it'll come with a rather handsome 500GB external drive, and it'll even let your iPod Nano take a ride. Moving to more serious modes of storage, we snapped a couple of pictures of the Linkstation Duo NAS, which comes with two drives and will be priced at $500 for a 3TB set, $340 for 2TB, and $230 for a pair of 500GB drives. Finally, the as yet unannounced MediaStation 6x portable BluRay writer will be making its debut in March at around $250.