Dell slate (secret) hands-on

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|01.07.10

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Dell slate (secret) hands-on
We just got taken into a quiet side hallway for a 90 second photo shoot with the Dell slate device. It's... red. It's also a nicely thin five-inch Android device with a dialer, but other than that we weren't getting any answers on the record, so the mystery continues. We will say that we saw a presentation sheet with the name "Streak" on it, and that it looked to have a removable battery door on the back, but apart from that all we really know is that we desperately want to get this thing alone for longer than a minute and a half. Pics in the gallery!

P.S.- Our friend Stuart Miles from Pocket-lint learned that it does indeed have a SIM slot. AT&T, here we come?

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