Eye-Fi 802.11n Pro X2 hands-on

Not every SD card merits the hands-on treatment, but Eye-Fi is blazing a trail of its own into the WiFi wilderness, so we decided to swing by their booth to check out their new 802.11n-equipped Pro X2 first hand. Available in 8GB form only, this one is a Class 6 memory card so it should be equally speedy when taking photos or video as well transferring, and it packs the same geotagging, RAW, and ad hoc support seen in previous Eye-Fi cards. New with this card, however, is a so-called Endless Memory mode that'll free up space as photos are uploaded via WiFi, and the company's new Eye-Fi Center photo management software, which you'll be able to check out for yourself later this month. Hit up the gallery below for a closer look at the card itself.