Eyes-on with DirecTV 3D

Panasonic invited us to a sneak peak of 3D at its booth tonight and representatives from DirecTV were there showing off its new 1080p 3D HD demo feed. The quality was pretty good and quite enjoyable. There were no noticeable compression artifacts in the demo loop which included soccer, College Football, Avatar, Toy Story 3, and a few documentaries with awesome architecture and breathtaking views of mountains and ocean wildlife. We also had the chance to speak with the DirecTV technical staff which told us that the 1080p24 3D signal doesn't take any more bandwidth than 2D content at the same resolution and frame rate. We were told the demo was indeed real and that we were actually watching the signal you'll be able to watch in June -- after your existing set-top gets a simple firmware update and assuming you have a 3D HDTV, that is. We have to say this is something we're looking forward to and with every demo we become more convinced that 3D is actually going to take off.