Freescale smartbook prototype is a dockable tablet, we go hands-on

Oh look, another tablet! Except this time it's in the guise of a "smartbook," thanks to the keyboard it docks into. This is Freescale's reference design for its new i.MX515 processor, and it's decently responsive for running "full" Linux. Unfortunately, the Milos version of Linux onboard isn't quite a finger friendly distro (despite the resistive screen's relative sensitivity), so we'll either have to get a stylus or just wallow in our frustration. The build quality of the unit isn't exactly stellar, and neither is the keyboard, but we're sure there will be plenty of tweaks before a manufacturer bites and brings this to market, and the $200 proposed pricetag is always hard to complain about. Check out a video after the break. %Gallery-82094%