Live from Dell's CES 2010 press event

We're here at Dell's CES 2010 press event -- they're kicking out the jams and we're about to go.

9:16AM And... that's it! We're going to go try and dig up some major hands-on with the slate and M11x, stay tuned.

9:16AM We haven't seen the new Mini 10 in person yet -- they're showing it off again, and we have to say, it looks really nice.

9:14AM "Give me some credit -- I'm being less vague than I was with Adamo last year." Ha, yes -- this is much better. But bring out the slate again!

9:14AM Slate video -- showing big touchscreen keyboard, multi-device gameing, multi-device media sharing. Pretty cool stuff in concept, but we'd like to see it in person, of course.

9:13AM We asked for more about the AT&T Mini 3 and the custom UI skin, but they're saying that's for AT&T to announce. Really seems like Dell is serving as a conduit for carriers here, which really is a different take on Android.

9:11AM The red slate was actually a 5-inch Android device, but "you can imagine we've got different screen sizes in the lab." As for other OSs, "stay tuned."

9:10AM We're asking about the slates, and they're explaining what "Dell Android" is. Dell does carrier customizations on top of Android, they want to support carrier services. "We're using Android as an open source base to build devices with carriers around the world. It's a little different twist on what others are doing with generic Android."

9:08AM And... it's Q/A time. Seriously, they had a red slate with a 4.3-inch-ish screen out for a second, and now it's gone.

9:07AM Classic Dell move there -- whipped out a super-interesting product for a second and then put it away with no info.

9:06AM "We have a few slates as well up our sleeve -- we're not standing still. Stay tuned."

9:06AM Whoa -- sneak peek at upcoming Dell phones and slates."

9:05AM Yep -- Mini 3 time. Running "Dell's version of Google Android."

9:04AM Looks like it's time to talk about the new Mini 3 Android phone for the US.

9:03AM Shipping this spring, will sell for under $1000. "We think this is a category creator."

9:03AM HDMI out, obviously -- they're high on hooking it up to a TV. "We're all about radically new experiences."

9:02AM Hey, they faked us out -- the Alienware "desktop" display on stage is actually being run from the M11x. Nice!

9:02AM Switchable between discrete and integrated graphics -- integrated will get you 6.5 hours of battery life. Hot switch to "gaming mode" and you get "over two hours of intense graphics and gaming." 3Dmark scores in the 6-7000 range, Crysis at 60fps, Modern Warfare 2 in HD at over 30fps.

9:01AM "We've taken a low-power CPU and all of the thermal design we could and dedicated it to the GPU... 35 watts of graphics power in this box."

9:00AM 11.6-inch display, NVIDIA GT335M graphics.

8:59AM "These computers are meaty, and a lot of people would like to have a machine that they can take on the road. Alienware M11x, which looks like... an Alienware netbook.

8:58AM Alienware now launched around the world -- we're clearly about to see a new Alienware laptop here.

8:58AM "We’re talking about doing new technology in new form factors... but one of my favorite products is in a little different class." Gaming laptops time!

8:56AM Talking about netbooks, and the new Mini 10 with the Broadcom Accelerator. It can play Hulu, you know.

8:53AM "We were able to take that design for CULV and use Core i3 and i5... great graphics with ATI. No compromises here, great battery life." Core i5 machines available today, Core i3 in two weeks.

8:52AM "Today we're launching a full range of Inspiron notebooks using Intel Core i3 and Core i5 architecture."

8:52AM Talking about mobility -- Adamo XPS and Inspiron Zino. "September was a big month for us, we launched Core i7 notebooks and a series of CULV notebooks."

8:50AM "Today will a bit about mobility, and a bit about technology."

8:49AM Talking about the Dell international business. Things are going well around the world, we're told.

8:48AM Now showing off the Adamo XPS. "Today we're going to continue down that journey... products we're launching now and products launching in the future."

8:47AM They're showing off the Adamo, reminding us of the CES "reveal" last year. We're not bitter at all.

8:46AM Michael Tatelman, Dell Sales VP and Alex Gruzen SVP consumer products on stage.

8:46AM They're jamming the new age synth jams. "It's early in the morning, we've got to wake everyone up."

8:45AM Okay, here we go -- lights going down.