Palm swings open doors to App Catalog's innards

Palm's taking its App Catalog in a distinctly new direction today on news that it's opening access to the Catalog database, letting third parties view, show, and remix the available apps in various ways. Users will be able to visit third-party sites and download apps straight to their webOS-based devices -- possibly an interesting option for themed sites that want to give users quick access to a certain category of apps quickly. On a related note, Palm introduced its Hot Apps program that rewards devs for creating popular apps -- the nature of those "rewards" isn't yet clear, but we would imagine they're gonna make it rain on these cats.

Update: And make it rain they will. $100,000 each will go to the developer of the top free and paid apps through May 31, 40 will get $10,000, and another 400 will snag a cool grand.