Pandigital's AT&T-lovin' Photo Mail LED frame hands-on

It looks like pretty much every other 8-inch digital photo frame on the market, but unlike most others (the Cameo notwithstanding), Pandigital's Photo Mail LED frame can accept emailed photos over AT&T's network. Unlike the aforesaid Cameo, however, you're not asked to pay a monthly fee to keep this one online (it ships with 300 photo downloads, with extra bundles available when you need them), and the representative we spoke with hinted that this one might just be the first of many more with AT&T in different shapes and sizes. The user interface was simple enough to navigate, and we were told that photos emailed to the frame actually hit a linked Snapfish account first (where the high resolution version is stored), resized, and then beamed down to the frame. Have a closer look below if you're so inclined.