ASUS Waveface concept line shown off during our lifetime, might be available after it (video)

ASUS is back at it again with the crazy concept designs, and this time around it's brought the lustworthy Waveface collection to look pretty behind glass. There are three different concepts in the lineup that aim to redefine computing in almost every way imaginable. First up is the Ultra, which is a wearable computer / mobile phone based around a flexible OLED display and can be controlled through hand gestures in mid air or by touching the display. Next is the Light, which is also based around a folding OLED, but will have some sort of physical keyboard that pops up when folded up into the laptop form factor. Lastly, the Waveface Casa, a television-esque home computer that will also be controlled through gestures in the air. We wish we could show you how said gestures would work -- or how any of this would work, really -- but these were really nothing more than empty shells filled with displays. Clearly this tech is a far ways off, but it's good to know that ASUS still has quite the imagination -- and hopefully the knowhow to maybe make it real someday.