Case-Mate at CES 2010: it's (mostly) about power

Jacob Schulman
J. Schulman|01.08.10

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Case-Mate at CES 2010: it's (mostly) about power
Case-Mate is set up within the new iLounge Pavilion in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, and among the displays chockfull of silicon skins there was some new gear we wouldn't mind bringing home. On hand were a ton of their Fuel models (you know, the cases that charge your device while they're on) for a boatload of phones -- including multiple BlackBerry models as well as for the iPhone. Also new were the very artsy iPhone cases featuring various designs on the back. Finally, Case-Mate was showing off its first foray into the increasingly crowded induction charging space with a matching iPhone jacket that was a bit bulky for our tastes. Case-Mate has always been one of our favorite case companies, and we're definitely excited to see where they're headed into the future. %Gallery-82181%
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