inPulse smartwatch for BlackBerry wrist-on

We managed to track down the guys from Canada's Allerta and got to spend some time with a couple dummy models of the soon-to-be-released inPulse smartwatch for BlackBerry. Design-wise, it's very attractive, with a brushed metal body and a leather band. As a bonus to early orderers, the first 1,000 sold will be custom-milled on a CNC router -- ironically, it'll actually be more cost-effective for them to do it that way while they build up production volume. In terms of functionality, it will launch with support for displaying text messages, caller ID, new e-mails, and BlackBerry Messenger messages (yes, it supports BBM!). It'll give you information on who the message is from and a preview of the message's contents. We couldn't get a hard shipping date, but rest assured we'll let you know as soon as we do -- for now, our hands-on gallery will have to suffice.