Samsung and ATI team on SyncMaster MD230 mega-displays for wide-eyed gamers

When it comes to gaming, it's hard to overdo it on the display front. Sure, Samsung and ATI have given it their best shot with the new SyncMaster MD230 displays powered by ATI's updated Eyefinity6 tech, but somehow we'll still be hungry for more by the time next year rolls around. Still, the MD230 is pretty wild, with six-screen or three-screen configurations retailing for $3,099 and $1,899 respectively, with each screen running at 2560 x 1600 for a total of 12x the resolution of 1080p across the six displays in total. It obviously takes a brand new ATI card to accomplish this (and a little help from that beefy DisplayPort plug), but we're sure if you're willing to drop $3,099 on your display, you can scrounge up the cash for the GPU. The displays should start shipping early this year. %Gallery-82340%