VIZIO's 2010 LCD lineup is LED from top to bottom

VIZIO's finally seen fit to bless the world with further details of its 2010 LCD lineup for the benefit of those without the scratch to ring up an XVT Pro 3D model this August. The XVT Series continues on its LED backlit way, with VIZIO Internet Apps, 802.11n and Bluetooth QWERTY remote in 42- to 55-inch sizes, waiting until May or later to buy should net an extra HDMI jack and updated StudioSound HD. Everything below that, from the 37- to 16-inch HDTVs get the Razor LED edge lit treatment, with a few snagging other bonuses along the way like VIA and 120Hz motion processing. Check the press release for the details, whether dorm room or living room we're sure there's something that fits the bill.